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Candles & reed diffusers that contain the scent Chamomile.

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  1. Paddywax Chamomile Luxury Diffuser

    Chamomile Home Diffuser

    Wellbeing Benefits:

    - Improve Sleep & Mild Insomnia
    - Reduce Anxiety

    As you likely know, chamomile is used to comfort and relax people. With the Paddywax Chamomile Reed home candle Diffuser, the Paddywax home fragrance oils Company has imitated that use, while combining it with linen and sandalwood, to give you an easy way to access that relaxation in a simple manner. With a beautiful glass bottle and easy to adjust reeds, you can get all of the chamomile you need from the Paddywax Chamomile Reed home candle Diffuser. Subtly add beautiful scents to any room with a Paddywax home Diffuser Set including a glass holder, natural reeds, and 4-ounces of fragrance. The Classic Collection is exactly as described, a Classic. Impeccably packaged in a signature black and white box with colorful stripes. The Classic home fragrance oils Collection is the perfect essential for any home, and also makes a great present for someone special. The Classic Collection is displayed in clear glass with hand-poured high-quality wax. Paddywax is extremely proud of its pledge to the artisan process. This process brings customers crisp, inventive scents in superbly packaged home diffusers.

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