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Candles & reed diffusers that contain the scent Eucalyptus.

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  1. Melt Rich Cream Luxury Candle

    Rich Cream Pillar Candle

    Wellbeing Benefits:

    - Reduce Anxiety
    - Reduce Pain
    - Improve Skin
    - Help with Nausea

    Masculine scents for romantic candles are sometimes difficult to find, which is why Melt has developed the Rich Cream Pillar Candle. The Rich Cream Pillar coloured Candle combines a scent of aftershave with some elegant herbs and spices to create an aroma that anyone can enjoy. Like all of the Melt pillar candles, the Rich Cream Pillar romantic Candle comes in a gift box and offers 70 hours of use. The phrase presented on each candle captures the mood perfectly: "Fur lined boots, sheepskin mittens, woolly hats, alpaca coats, sheery & brushed cotton jim jams!" The pillar coloured candles are all through-fragranced, so the unique fragrance will begin to work its magic as soon as you open the box! They use only the best waxes, giving the coloured candles a long-lasting burn.

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  2. Paddywax Rosemary Sage Luxury Diffuser

    Rosemary Sage Home Diffuser

    Wellbeing Benefits:

    - Improve Energy Levels
    - Improve Concentration
    - Improve Memory

    Are you ready to be awakened? Do you want your senses to be alive again? Then you will want to check out the Paddywax Rosemary Sage home candle Reed home Diffuser for yourself. This unique reed home fragrance oil diffuser is not just easy to use, but the candle diffuser is also incredibly invigorating. The Paddywax Rosemary Sage Reed home Diffuser combines the scents of eucalyptus, sage, and rosemary to wake you up and get you going. Faintly add beautiful scents to any room with a Paddywax home candle Diffuser Set including a stylish glass holder, natural reeds, and high quality fragrance. The Classic Collection is exactly as described, a Classic. Impeccably packaged in a signature black and white box with colorful stripes. The Classic home fragrance oils Collection is the perfect essential for any home, and also makes a great present for someone special. The Classic Collection is displayed in clear glass with hand-poured high-quality wax. Paddywax is extremely proud of its pledge to the artisan process. This process brings customers crisp, inventive scents that are superbly packaged.

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