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Candles & reed diffusers that contain the scent Marigold.

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  1. Kenneth Turner White Flowers Luxury Candle
    Kenneth Turner

    White Flowers Scented Candle

    Wellbeing Benefits:

    - Improve Skin
    - Improve Concentration

    At Kenneth Turner designer candles, they’ve worked extremely hard to bring you the warm scents that will sooth any soul. The White Flowers Scented Candle, which is presented in a gorgeous yet functional glass holder, is not only attractive, but will also be enjoyed by the women in your home every time that you light it. Jasmine, lilac, coconut, cassis, and a variety of other oils blend together in this aromatherapy candle beautifully to bring a distinctly feminine scent to the designer candle. A sweet fragrance that will delight the senses of every woman, without being overpowering. This aromatherapy candle is perfect for all seasons, but especially wonderful on those warm sunny days. Guests will be delighted to enter your home where their senses will be delighted by the sweet, summery scent of this scented candle.

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