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Candles & reed diffusers that contain the scent Saffron.

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  1. Abode Aroma OUD Musk Luxury Diffuser
    Abode Aroma

    OUD Musk Room Diffuser

    Wellbeing Benefits:

    - Reduce Pain
    - Improve Mood
    - Ease Depression

    Oud wood has been long revered for its scent and its ability to help people relax and enjoy the world around them. The Abode Aroma OUD Musk aromatic Reed room Diffuser helps to capture that same awe and wonder by combining the oud wood scent with birch, saffron, patchouli, nutmeg, and muguet. The aromatic reed room diffuser goes with any color scheme in your home, and it also makes it easy to use as much or as little of the liquid as you choose at a time. . Instead of changing how your home looks, Abode Aroma’s stunning collection of Aromatic Diffusers will change how your home smells! Enhance your life with the mystery of the ancient Arab world by introducing this unique Abode Aroma Oud musk scent into your home or office with the aromatic diffuser. The aroma diffuser comes complete with its own attractive black jar and wooden reeds that soak up the fragrant oil and diffuse into the air.

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