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Scented Candles

Luxury candles that are made with the finest fragrance oils can change your life by creating an atmosphere of health and well-being in any space. Our scented products come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, but why not use pillar candles infused with the gentle scent of vanilla or a wild Indian spice to add ambience to the home or office? White Paris scented candles change mundane places into sacred spaces.

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  1. Bahoma Seduction Luxury Candle

    Seduction Luxury Candle

    Wellbeing Benefits:

    - Improve Sleep & Mild Insomnia
    - Reduce Anxiety
    - Serve as an Aphrodisiac
    - Ease Depression

    Cardamom, florals, and patchouli hearts, along with the warm scents of vanilla, amber musk, and cedarwood have been combined in order to bring you the Seduction luxury aromatherapy candle from Bahoma London luxury candles. This luxury aromatherapy candle is meant to bring some romance back into your world, while at the same time being a simple, but elegant, addition to the interior of any room that you wish to use it in. The simple secret of seduction is awakening all your senses, a secret that the most famous of seducers know well. Now you too can use the power of the sense of smell to gently invoke feelings of uncontrollable desire thanks to this romantic candle. This romantic candle is perfect for a romantic night in, this luxury candle also makes a great gift for that special someone in your life.

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